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Live Storytelling Training For Entrepreneurs

Adam Gordon is a professional actor and comedian who teaches the skills of storytelling to founders and leaders who need to command the attention of a room. He coaches speakers to use their natural personality to create rapport, non verbal communication to direct attention and performance techniques to be understood. Most importantly, he teaches founders to be felt!

"I’m looking at him and saying he looks very together. He looks very confident. I like that. But I didn’t feel him. You know? I wasn’t feeling his excitement. I did not feel his energy and I’m thinking that, how is he going to motivate a team of people if he can’t motivate us to invest in this company. But that’s actually, that’s why I look at people’s energy. My grandfather used to say that if you could sell a fuller brush, you could sell anything. Because in the end, salespeople are really not selling the product, they’re selling themselves first. You have to like them. You have to believe them. You have to trust them. You have to feel their excitement. And I didn’t feel any of this. I did trust him. I didn’t have any reason not to, but I didn’t feel that he was excited. And how am I going to get excited if he’s not excited."               -Jillian Manus, Structure Capital


As an actor Adam has appeared on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Guiding Light and Days of Our Lives. He received an MFA in acting from the National Theater Conservatory in residence with the Denver Center Theater Company.  He is a graduate of the Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training, and certified as a facilitator by The Circling Institute where he has been a course leader for three years. As a business owner he is the founder and CEO of Oxygen Massage Therapy--a seven figure clinical massage practice in San Francisco with three locations and 25 employees. 


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